Mechanical Toys, Tin Toys — April 1, 2011 at 12:02 am

ATW Readers Show How They Display Their Toy Collections

BECAUSE THE EDITORS of ATW magazine believe that private toy collections would be of interest to readers, we present a collection in a Central Illinois town where an ATW reader shares his collection of mostly European, clockwork tin toys exhibited in his home as fine art objects.

“I like living with these nearly 100 year-old relics that have survived the rigors of childhood play” says Carl Behr of Bloomington. “These artifacts depict life as it was, created by craftsmen whose imagination and mechanical genius combined to produce toys of whimsical appeal. Where Athelstan Spilhaus was fascinated with how toys worked, Bernard Barenholz prized the aesthetic beauty of toys, like the famous Charles Hose Reel, and that’s my thing as well.”

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