Tin Toys — October 1, 2013 at 10:38 am

Double Deckers


OUR DOUBLE DECKER TOY BUSSES here today have emerged from that period of history we are beginning to know so well – the teens through the early 40s. What an interesting time to have been on hand, especially in the cities.

That time saw the emergence of streamlined Passenger Trains rounded automobiles and trucks, and very handsome early Aircraft. Zeppelins even fit in there. What an innovative period.

Double Decker Busses began to proliferate during those years in the major cities of the world. What fun it must have been to climb to the top of a rolling Bus, to feel the fresh, cool air on your face, and to watch the land people and the traffic without having to participate in any of it.

Naturally the open-topped ones were the most popular. The enclosed topped ones featured windows all around, and ignored rain. We needed both. Here’s a starter selection of some of the most delightful double decker toys from those years. These are all in tinplate today, but some of the larger toys were also manufactured in cast iron.

C’mon, hop aboard.

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