Tin Toys — April 1, 2011 at 12:02 am

Early French Toys – 1


THOUGHT YOU might enjoy seeing a small gallery of early French tinplate toys this month. These pictures, a dozen in all, have been gathered through the years from sources all over Europe and America. As such, I’m a little shy on some details, such as overall length, or approximate years of manufacture.

Another aspect of early French toy production is attribution. Just who made what and when is often uncertain. There is a tendency to refer to most of these toys as if made by the firm of Pinard, since they were, evidently, the largest toymaker in France during that turn of the century.

Early French toy manufactuers limited their distribution mostly, it would appear, to France itself, which somewhat restricts the number of these toys that still can be found anywhere else. In addition to the previously Pinard, known French toymakers included Rossignol, Tantet et Manon, F.V., and Jouet Francais. Here, then, are some delightful toys all too rarely seen in our collections.

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