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Happy 80th Donald Duck: Linemar Donald Duck Tin Litho Toys

Open tryouts! Donald drumming like mad! Photo courtesy of
Open tryouts! Donald drumming like mad! Photo courtesy of

DONALD DUCK WAS born when Walt Disney set about to create a companion for Mickey Mouse. The ill-tempered, mischievous, sailor-suit-wearing duck premiered in June, 1934 in “The Wise Little Hen.” Famous in comics, cinema, and television, Donald Duck is one of the most published comic book characters in the world!

Many tin litho Donald Duck toys were made in Japan for Marx Toys and released under the Linemar Toys brand name. Linemar’s mechanical Donald toys put the redoubtable duck in a variety of occupations and activities. Let’s have a look at some of this vintage tinplate!

Donald the Drummer
This clockwork Donald wears a drum with his portrait on the drumhead, and holds a pair of drumsticks. Winding Donald up sets him off in a drumming fury, his arms becoming a blur. There are two versions of this toy, one which stands stationary and another which marches as it plays the drum. The latter variation is the scarcer, with excellent examples sometimes selling for more than $600, and estimates up to $1000.

Donald Duck with Voice and Huey
This 1955 toy walks and waddles forward while opening and closing his beak, emitting a quacking sound. Donald’s nephew Huey walks along behind Donald, attached with a cord. Gently pulling the cord back winds the motor. Near-mint examples have gone for over $400.

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