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JNF Model Cars

JNF Model Cars by Burton Benjamin
JNF Model Cars by Burton Benjamin

THE MODEL CARS FEATURED in this article were made by JNF. Josef Neuhierl founded the company in Furth, Germany in 1920. His company was among the most prestigious sheet metal toy production companies. They manufactured metal cars from 1920 to 1956, which was the introduction of plastic cars. In 1963 Carrera, a.k.a. Neuhierl was formed. Today, Carrera is the world’s leading manufacturer of slot car racing sets.

The cars were made in 1955 and are extremely rare. This is because of their high cost and few were imported into this country. They were made for only a few months before production was changed to plastic models. The cars were fabricated from sheet steel and hydraulically deep drawn to form their shape. This produced a one piece body with no seams and die marks visible on the top and sides. The cockpit uses a separate formed metal piece to enclose the entire cockpit without any shown fasteners. The dash was accurately produced showing various gauges and two rear view mirrors. The steering wheel was a replica of the exact pattern and was capable of turning the front wheels. The seat was finished in the exact pattern and color scheme as the original.

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