Steve Butler, Tin Toys — January 1, 2014 at 12:02 am

Marchesini Fords

0114-butlerBY STEVE BUTLER

STARTING WITH THE MODEL T and continuing for over a century thereafter, the number of toy renditions of Fords has become probably too large and too diverse for a person to identify much less count.

Toy Fords have been produced in virtually every feasible material adaptable for toy production. Some of the better toy Fords were made in tin. Few tin issues are better than examples made in Italy by Marchesini.

The best from Marchesini were 1946-48 Fords in woody station wagon and convertible models. (Regrettably, a mint/boxed woodie was sent onto another collector and is thus missing from this article.)

However, in order to properly appreciate these toys, a person must overlook or overcome the fact the 1946-48 Ford convertibles were not issued with a single seat.

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