Tin Toys — February 1, 2014 at 12:01 am

The Toy as a Work of Art: Jacques Milet and Pasky

Jacques Milet
Jacques Milet

DECLARING ONE TOY to be beautiful, but then denouncing another one as ugly is an arbitrary act. I do not wish to preach to anyone about the virtues of certain toys, but just want to express to you my own personal reactions, feelings and observations recorded as I have built up my collection. I have no wish to upset anybody; one group of toy collectors may worship the cult of the “Marklin” god with a devotion bordering on apostasy, whereas another group may condemn wholesale all American-made toys.

As a general rule, most people only see real beauty in their own toys. From the design office of the big factory to the individual craftsman, it would be impossible not to find examples of true artists amongst the designers and toymakers of the world from this last century. Were there many of them? No, I do not believe there were.

Sometimes these were workers, but more often than not employers who made toys themselves, such as Rock and Graner, Lutz or Marklin in Germany or George Brown in the USA.

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