Tin Toys — December 1, 2016 at 12:00 am

Tin Toy Corner – December 2016

The Real Fernand Martin Toy “Le Jeu de Massacre”
The Real Fernand Martin Toy “Le Jeu de Massacre”

By Renaud Fournier

Fernand Martin’s “Le Jeu de Massacre”
Advanced collectors of Fernand Martin toys may have noticed a small reference with no picture in the original book on Martin Toys by Frederic Marchand referencing a toy called “Le Jeu de Massacre” made in Paris in 1885. The wonderful new book on Martin toys by J. Arthur Verdoorn and Lourens Bas also picks up the same reference (see picture 2) for this toy as Number 16 on page 45, but still no picture was available, as the real toy had never yet been seen by most collectors.

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