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All in the Family: The Chicago Toy Show Story


The most talked about purchase at the October 2010 Antique-Collectible Toy & Doll Show was the sale of the actual show. Collectors have always known that the best of the best is available at this event, a fact proven once again by the sale of the show itself. Talk about finding a rare gem, mint in the box, in perfect working order!

“Who would have thought?”
“I wish I had known…”
“You know, that’s Jack and Diana’s son.”
“He’s that nice young man that checks us in
at the gate.”

Herb Regan, one of the show’s five partners, has bought the Antique World Shows, Inc. shares held by three of the others, and will take charge of future events, beginning with the May 15, 2011 Antique-Collectible Toy & Doll Show. Herb has owned a part of the show for 22 years, and helped at the show long before that. He has been one of the working owners in the show family, sharing the decisions, the plans, and providing his share of the manpower to run the show. Diana Tabin will retain her shares, and will give continuity by remaining during the transition to assist her son. Dale, Valerie, and Nancy are retiring from the Toy Show business. Dale will enjoy returning to his love for collecting and selling toys at future shows.
He will travel and continue to develop his Antique Toy World Magazine. “Dale Kelley, Toy Collector” is back!

Herb has changes planned that will please everyone. To begin, the website will post dealer lists along with building and pavilion layouts before each show for reference. This will allow exhibitors to email favorite customers their exact location. Building and pavilion floor plans will be posted online to be printed and brought to the show to make shopping and notations easier.

For quick reference, an alphabetical list of show exhibitors will also be posted so everyone can find and print the location of their favorites. This will be available for both pre-registered exhibitors at the show, along with the Room Trading list of exhibitors at the Holiday Inn. Those with a smartphone, iPad, or portable computer will not need to print because the information can be read from these electronics as folks walk through the show.

Looking back, history was made 38 years ago when four toy collectors expanded their toy hobby into managing what was to become the “world’s greatest toy and doll show.“ Dale and Valerie Kelley along with Jack and Diana Regan created an atmosphere for toy collectors unequaled anywhere in the country. Each owned a part of the business and handled a part of the work as the show family of friends began to build the Antique-Collectible Toy & Doll Show. The event they developed has been the largest and the best of its kind since opening day. Most toys in most collections have been bought, traded, and sold at several points in their history at this Chicago Toy Show.

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