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Unique Events New Owner of Kalamazoo Show


FTER 27 YEARS AND 51 great shows, Bruce & Dee Beimers have decided to retire from running the Circus Maximus Antique Toy & Collectible Show in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They now plan on being on the other side of the table; selling many of the items they have accumulated after all those years. (But I’ll bet they’ll be buying even more treasures from the wonderful selection offered at this event).

Bruce and Dee began the Kalamazoo Antique Toy Show in 1983 and it has been going strong ever since. In fact it’s the second largest antique toy show in the entire Midwest! The Kalamazoo Show has a certain element to it that other shows don’t. You can’t explain it; you just have to come to the show to experience it.

Mike Russell of Kansas City commented: “It’s in the air, you can feel it, taste it, and breathe it, the excitement I get each time I come to the Kalamazoo Antique Toy Show is overwhelming I really look forward to each event. I haven’t missed one in the past ten years!”

Bruce and Dee Beimers from Circus Maximus seal the deal with Jim Welytok of Unique Events
Bruce and Dee Beimers from Circus Maximus seal the deal with Jim Welytok of Unique Events

The show has been sold to Unique Events Specialty Shows. The promoter is Jim Welytok, 48, of Sussex Wisconsin. Jim has been running shows in Wisconsin and Illinois for 30 years, starting his business right after high school. He has produced well over three hundred events since then. “We are honored to add this show to our schedule; it has a long standing reputation of a great place to shop for antique toys and collectibles, it also has a massive following of loyal customers and vendors
from all across the country and abroad” Welytok said.

“Many shows have faded away over the years but the Kalamazoo Michigan Show has remained strong with quality dealers and dedicated buyers who attend each spring and fall. This show has attracted many new vendors as well, especially those who used to participate in the Toledo area events. We are very excited about the opportunity we have to take this show to the next level.” Welytok said.

“We don’t plan on tampering with success; the show will basically operate the same as it always has. The format of antique toys will remain the staple attraction. The only immediate changes are lower table and booth prices for those who renew on the day of the show for the next event, a special one time lower rate for new vendors who have never participated so they can get to know us, and more advertising, lots more advertising, the corner stone of any successful show.” Welytok said.

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