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Collectible Syroco Figurines


MY WIFE AND I HAD a very large collection of old, American made Dimestore soldiers, vehicles and civilian figures and we traveled to many toy and antique shows, antique malls and auctions and would occasionally see some woodlike figures that dealers said were “syroco.” They intrigued me but there was virtually no information available on them. By talking with dealers and meeting syroco collectors, I gradually developed contacts, pieced together what information I could find and began collecting these interesting figures. Our collection numbers over 200 figures and I believe would rank as one of the most complete syroco character collections.

As we are now in our mid seventies, we will be down sizing. We sold our entire soldier collection a few years ago and have now decided to sell our syroco’s. Before I did, I thought I would write an article on this niche of collecting and share it with ATW readers while I could still provide illustrative photographs of various types of figures, so here it is:

The word “syroco” is a trade name acronym of the Syracuse Ornamental Company of Syracuse, New York, that operated from 1908 until 2005.

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