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Tin Toy Corner: A Motor Car Race from Madrid to La Granja in 1905

By Renaud Fournier (rfournier1900@live.com)

It was July of 1905 and the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII, who was a great motor car enthusiast, was holding a race from Madrid to La Granja in Spain. About a dozen cars entered the race, which were driven by some of the highest members of Spanish aristocracy.

As many motor car races of this time, several drivers in this race would encounter various forms of challenge and difficulty. For example, the King’s own car would get temporarily stuck in mud resulting from the previous day’s heavy rainfall.

However, it was the car driven by the Marquis of San Gines who would encounter the most exciting adventure on the way back to Madrid. As it drove through the Spanish countryside, the car and its passengers encountered a herd of wild bulls. The beasts, enraged by the noise of the motor and the horn, decided to chase and charge the vehicle!

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