Antique Toys: A Window to the Past – Part Two

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ABOVE: The mechanical doll is the oldest toy in this segment. When the handle is cranked, the doll appears to operate a sewing machine; her foot moves as though pushing a treadle, and the cloth appears to move through the machine. The bulk of the toy, including most of the mechanism, is made of wood. The doll’s head, however, is bisque, and based upon the hair style, could date from as early as the 1850s or 1860s. Though I am certain the piece is early, I do not know the precise date, as I have never seen another one. It appears to be German and is approximately 9″ wide and 10″ high.

By Louis Natenshon

“ANTIQUE TOYS: A WINDOW TO THE PAST,” first appeared in the December 2023 Antique Toy World Magazine. This article is the second part of a continuing series of articles on the same topic. The toys pictured range from the 19th to the mid-20th century and all will be drawn from the Natenshon family collection. The toys that appear in the articles are quite diverse, reflecting the tastes of my two children, my wife, and I, all of whom have been avid toy collectors.

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