Americana Week at Soulis Auctions Tops $1M

LONE JACK, MO – Some bid by phone, while others bid online, absentee or in person in a country-style socially distanced tent setting. But in this period of COVID-19 watchfulness, Dirk Soulis added something new to accommodate safety conscious bidders at his company’s Sept. 19 and 26 Americana Week in Missouri auction series: drive-up bidding.

“We set up about a dozen reserved parking spaces around the perimeter of the tent to allow bidders to watch the auction from their vehicles and bid by holding their paddles outside their car windows,” said owner/auctioneer Dirk Soulis. “Some attendees sat inside their hatchback vehicles with the rear doors opened up. Others pulled in as closely as they could, remained in their front seats – in some cases wearing masks – and monitored the proceedings by tuning to 87.7 on their FM dial.” Soulis left no detail to chance, even providing each drive-up bidder with a long-handled MacGyver-like bidding paddle crafted from a fly swatter with a numbered bidding card attached. “It was a simple concept that worked extremely well,” Soulis said.

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