Anticomondo in Wonderland

 In Auctions

By Jessica Kravets

ARE YOU READY for an adventure ride into the marvelous wonderland of Anticomondo’s 90th auction in September? Then carefully take the delicate Issmayer Fly out of her original fine printed box, three times blow on her sparkling wings and up she takes you on a round trip to all the secret places with spectacular tin toys you were always looking for.

Anticomondo presents you a whole landscape of boards and showcases filled with interesting and amusing collectibles in excellent condition. Just around the corner of the special collection of antique wooden toys you can see numerous tables, presenting magic boxes, lanterns and objects from natural history.

A whole anatomical cabinet is framed with leather-bound books, etchings and drawings from the last three hundred years. Technical instruments, steam engines and all kinds of handmade luxuries are gathering from the shelves.

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