Auctions — February 1, 2013 at 12:01 am

Auction Team Breker Sells Apple 1 Computer for $640,000

Record-Breaking Sale of Historical Technology in Cologne
Record-Breaking Sale of Historical Technology in Cologne
APPLE FANS AROUND the globe were watching on Ipads and Iphones, tablets and… as the personal computer that started it all, an Apple 1 from 1976, went under the hammer in Germany on Saturday 24 November.

Of the two hundred Apple 1 units produced, just 43 are thought to have survived, and of these only six in working order, according to Apple author Mike Willegal. One was sold for a then record price of US $374,500 – in New York in June 2012. However, the example sold last week in Cologne, which retained its original period peripherals – transformer, Panasonic 2102 cassette recorder, Sony monitor and Datanetics ASCII keyboard – in addition to signed by “Woz” reprints of the original
manual and schematic diagram, exceeded the previous world record by nearly 70% (!!!).

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