Auctions, Banks — December 1, 2015 at 12:00 am

Bertoia’s Clive Devenish Bank Sale Tops $1 Million


VINELAND, NJ – In the week leading up to Bertoia Auctions’ October 3 slae of the Clive Devenish antique bank collection, part 1, all eyes were on a potential troublemaker: Joaquin. As the powerful hurricane barreled toward the East Coast, possibly to collide with another coastal storm, there were decisions to be made. Would the sale go on as planned? Yes. Bertoia Auctions’ owner, Jeanne Bertoia, had been keeping close tabs on Joaquin’s path, and once it became evident that the hurricane was turning out to sea, she and her team assured all callers that the much-anticipated event would be going forward as planned.

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