Spring Rich Penn Auction: A Feast of Collector Treasures May 14-16

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IN SPITE OF A COVID world impacting every part of our lives, collectors are still out there and hungry for treasures to feed their collections. Even though dining out is limited these days, The Treasure Trove offered in the Rich Penn May 14-16 auction will certainly tease the appetite of any collector.

A truly multi-course feast of delicious items to satisfy even the most voracious of appetites. With nearly 2,000 lots, there will be a massive “Buffet” of collecting treasures.

Start with about 500 lots of toys. And Buddy L toys provide the main course, including over 250 lots for pressed steel collectors. Many are meticulously restored.

The Toy Buffet has over 150 lots of tin windups along with more cast iron toys. The selection will include many from prominent late 19th and early 20th Century toys makers.

Buddy L pieces cover the gamut; trains, tugboats, trestles, trucks in every likeness, even a T-Reproductions Roundhouse. There are enough pieces to start your own Buddy L industrial city set-up.

Wind-up toys bring out more rarities. A General Butler windup (Ives), even at 140 years, can still walk! While the General is shuffling about he can be entertained by the 19th Century La Grove, Kemp & Webb, clockwork Black Dandy Jigger. And for the housekeeping, look to the Gunthermann windup “Sweeping Parlor Maid.”

Another great and rare toy, c.1920s German and by Fischer & Co., “Hi-Way Henry” windup, is patiently waiting for the right opportunity for a road trip to a new owners home!

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An image of the Rock & Graner British Royal Coach Toy measuring 24 inches (61 cm) long.An image of a page from the article showing numerous toys up for auction in the Bertoia April 8-9 sale