Auctions, Coin-Ops — April 1, 2016 at 12:00 am

Stanton’s Year-End Music Machine Auction Generates Strong Results

A rare Symphonion floor model disc music box with 12 bells, $17,600.
A rare Symphonion floor model disc music box with 12 bells, $17,600.

AFTER COLLECTING, GATHERING, moving, cataloging and assembling estates and collections from across the United States Stanton’s 3-day auction of automatic music machines was conducted on November 19, 20, and 21st, 2015. The auction produced sale totaling nearly $700,000.00, and found many rare and quality machines, and related items, producing strong results from the competitive bidding of the onsite and offsite auction participants.

Everything from disc and cylinder music boxes to antique phonographs found there way across the auction block during the event. A rare Symphonion Triple Disc playing machine sold for $23,650; while a another rare Symphonion floor model disc music box with 12 bells brought $17,600.00; Reginaphone 20-3/4” combination disc music box and phonograph sold for a very acquirable $12,550; There was also a Regina 27” Dragon automatic changing music box (that will play any of 12 discs at random or by choice) for $13,750; Regina 20-3/4” oak casket model brought $5,400; Regina Orchestral 27” single disc mahogany cabinet model brought $9,000.00; A Duo Empress combination music box and phonograph
brought $8,000.00; and a Regina 15-1/2” automatic changing disc music box with curved glass front brought $13,200.; A rare Regina oak case table model bell box with 12 bells sold for $9,900.; Also a rare cylinder music box with singing bird in the front of the case brought $13,200.

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