The Penny Pineapple Bank

By William Berke, M.D.

THE YEAR 1960 gave America a new dance craze, a new President, and a new star in our flag. Chubby Checker brought the twist, election results gave us John F. Kennedy, and Hawaii brought the 50th star on the flag.

Thomas M. Imswiler, of Pennsylvania, wanted to do something for the 50th state. He told me he had a pattern maker in Wrightsville, PA, a small town on the Susquehanna river located about 45 minutes south of Harrisburg. While there was no bronze pattern, he had the patterns for the Penny Pineapple bank fabricated and he maintained possession of them. Mr. Imswiler designed the bank, which was originally cast in aluminum and then in cast iron, and also owned the patent rights.

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