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John West

Millie and John West
Millie and John West


Permission from Antique Toy collectors of America (December 2013), President Curtis Smith

Long-time ATCA member (1963) John West, 88, is also the man behind th edelight illustrations – quizzes, puzzles, cartoons and thought-inspirinig drawings of all kinds -appearing every month and usually on the last page of Antique Toy World Magazine. He has been submitting illustrations to ATW since July 1971.

“July 1971 marks the date that John West illustrated his first article for Antique Toy World Magazine, “Air Flow Toys,” Vol. 1, #1. It was a memorable day for ATW and the beginning of a close relationship between Johna nd me. Forty-three years later, John is still a feature contributor and has been an integral part of the magazine’s success. Today, Antique Toy World has subscribers in 30 countries as well as every state in the US. Thank you, John, for being a special friend to me, my magazine, and the toy hobby.”

— Dale Kelley, publisher, Antique Toy World Magazine

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John's first ATW story from 1971
John’s first ATW story from 1971