The Roasty/Toasty Popcorn Machine Toy-Clown

 In Cast Iron

By Dr. Ed Brown, III

THE C. CRETORS & Company Popcorn Machine Company of Chicago, IL is a five generation, 135 year old business that is still operating and selling their machines in bars, eateries, car dealerships, amusement parks an theaters. Their very first commercial popcorn machine was made in 1893 for the Chicago World’s Fair. They currently employ between 400-450 employees and even export their machines throughout the world. Interestingly, the antique popcorn carts are
still being made and sold by Cretors.

“Roasty/Toasty,” the Popcorn Machine Toy-Clown is 9″ tall, has a cast iron head with great, original old paint much like many of the figures used on the old toys savings banks, a wood trunk (body) and movable cast iron arms and legs. Additionally, the toy clown always had a very colorful clown’s costume.

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