Christmas — December 1, 2016 at 12:00 am

National Christmas Museum


by Ingrid Floyd

TUCKED AWAY IN a corner of Lancaster, PA, is the enchanting National Christmas Center that is sprinkled throughout with toys from the late 1930s-’70s It is what the Travel Channel called in its Christmas show one of the most “Chrismasy” places to visit in the nation. Visited by hundreds of tourists a year, it has been featured on the Martha Stewart show, Bravo and History Channel. It’s a must for every toy collector to see to remind him/her of the magical time in their childhood when an adult evoked a special memory in their life by giving them a favorite toy and awaken in them why indeed they might started collecting toys.

Jim Morrison, who resembles Santa with a fierce whitish-gray beard and mustache – and wearing a red shirt covering a round belly – created the National Christmas Center. It is his gift to you. He wants you to be happy here and forget your problems, remembering instead the meaning of Christmas in Jesus, the gift-givers and the wonder of the season. He is accomplishing the mission because as visitors leave the center, they thank him for just that and giving them an awesome time.

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