Coin-Ops — June 1, 2017 at 8:12 am

Skill Cards

By Steve Butler

FOUND RESTING ON the front table at a recent antique show was this small pinball game. It was being offered at what seemed to be a reasonable price by a dealer of used and restored slot machines. The dealer stated that it was a 1970’s issue. (The buyer would soon thereafter prove that date estimate to be incorrect.) While the immediate appeal at the time of purchase was to a toy collector, it would likely appeal as well to collectors of poker games, gambling devices, and of course pinball machines. The superior and original condition would add to the appeal as did the multiple fields of collecting.

The pinball game is a counter top-unit, one quite likely to have been intended for purchase by and use in bars. The approximate measurements are: 17 inches long, 13 inches wide, 6 5/8 inches high at the near end and 7 ½ inches at the far end. The game is encased in wood grain Formica atop plywood and trimmed with unpolished aluminum. At the near end is seemingly standard chrome-plated coin receptacle that accepts one nickel which must be inserted for play. Protruding also on the near end are two steel rods each having round a plastic knob at the end. The lower knob is white and is used to put one of five metal balls in play by pushing inward. The upper knob is red and when pulled back then released propels the ball in play as is typical for most pinball games.

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