Die-Cast — September 1, 2017 at 1:55 pm

Fire Museum of Maryland Toy Fire Memorabilia Collection

By Ingrid Floyd

STEPHEN G. HEAVER, SR. of Baltimore, Md., opened the Fire Museum of Maryland in 1971 that now houses a wonderful collection of rare antique fire toy and model memorabilia that spans two rooms, with more items in storage.

From a young age in the 1920s, Heaver had a passion for the technology found in the motion of a vehicle, especially fire engines. In the 1920s, he collected and traded with this friends Tootsietoy cars that included a fire engine and an ambulance, and later as he became older, big fire trucks and apparatus. His Tootsietoy ambulance is significant because the first place in the nation where fire engine stations ran the ambulances was Baltimore. Heaver also received a little toy motorized steamer fire engine that is bolted. It is in one of the showcases in the museum.

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