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Above: Marklin produced several variations of the Façade Station from 1904 to 1909. It is different from most of the Marklin stations, which are typically fully enclosed buildings, often with a lift-off roof for access. However, this station is open on three sides, with the back of the flat front wall as elaborately painted as the front façade. It measures 21″ long, with rails attached to the base, that accommodate both O- and 1-gauge trains. Façade stations are quite uncommon, and I suspect were less popular than more conventional stations when new. The Kaiser cars are the early version with flat sides.

By Louis Natenshon

MARKLIN BEGAN MAKING toys around 1859, with Theodore Marklin handling production, while his wife, Caroline, traveled throughout Germany and Switzerland handling sales. When he died seven years later as the result of an accident, Caroline continued running the company on her own, ultimately, joined by her sons when they became adults. Caroline was apparently not only capable, but durable, working until her death in 1893. Marklin acquired Lutz in 1891, and Rock and Graner’s equipment after its liquidation in 1904.

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