Focal Point: BILD-A-TRAFFIC Set – Marx • 1954

 In Steve Butler

By Steve Butler

MARX ISSUED the pictured set probably for 1954 and numbered it as their set #6652. Complete and boxed examples of the set including a key-wind Buick seldom turn up. Individually boxed examples of the Buick were available as replacements and are much more frequently offered for sale. Four examples of the Buick in blue were found for sale as of this writing on the internet with discounts for multiples but no complete sets.

Marx described the car in the instruction booklet accompanying the set as “an exact replica of a modern Buick.” The toy car actually represents a 1953 Buick Special or Super two-door hardtop. It has an unusually strong key-wind motor and is intended to follow/run via a 5th wheel on a single-strand flexible wire track with steel rods used for curves. Also included were black plastic traffic track plates/devices that altered traffic flow in varied manners.

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