Focal Point: Dump Truck “Sample” • Marx – 1957

 In Steve Butler

By Steve Butler

THE FRONT TRUCK in the photo was made by Wyandotte and was identified as their “FRONT LOADER TYPE DUMP TRUCK No.122.” The truck had a “W” above the grille and was a member of their “Mid-Size Checker-Style Series” introduced for 1954. Early versions of the truck had solid black rubber wheels. The later 1956 versions had the stamped metal wheels.

Marx created the back truck in the photo after purchasing the Wyandotte remains in 1956 or shortly thereafter. Using an existing and assembled primarily orange Wyandotte cab and black chassis, Marx attached its own scoop dump, installed plastic wheels with Marx markings and attached a dump rear with a Marx logo. That dump rear is the type generally found on sand and gravel trucks.


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