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Fischer Cabriolet Taxi $6000-$8000

Bertoia September 24-25 Auction of Donald Kaufman Collection 4

Features Final Selection of European Antique Toy Vehicles VINELAND, N.J. – If there were a World Cup for antique toys, the name engraved on the […]

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Czechoslovakian Creedmoor Mechanical Bank

Mechanical Bank Notes: Czechoslovakian Creedmor

BY SY SCHRECKINGER Patriotism and marksmanship have long been popular subjects for manufacturers of mechanical banks, both in the United States and abroad. One such […]

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1912 saw this pressed steel Farm Wagon for the first time. It is capable of running in reverse as well as forward. Wilkins offered it.

Now Hear This: Pot Pourri

BY JACK HERBERT If you haven’t as yet specialized your collection, you probably have a delightful assembly of antique toys known as “pot pourii” — […]

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TootsieToy Farm Tractor Outfit

Steve Butler: Partial Resolution

BY STEVE BUTLER Few would argue that original boxes for toys are nice to have and that the artwork on many approaches beautiful, often superior […]

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Bruce and Dee Beimers from Circus Maximus seal the deal with Jim Welytok of Unique Events

Unique Events New Owner of Kalamazoo Show

BY PATRICK-JAMES CAMPBELL FTER 27 YEARS AND 51 great shows, Bruce & Dee Beimers have decided to retire from running the Circus Maximus Antique Toy […]

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Our Early Sedan here, at 10.5-inches overall, features a visible fan in its grille. It spins when the toy is moved forward by friction.

‘Antique’ Japanese Tinplate Toys

BY JACK HERBERT During the late 1950s and 1960s, as we all know, Japanese-made toys, produced, literally, by the millions, easily dominated the toy markets […]

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A view of the Rich Penn Auction at Riverside Casino

Rock & Ride at Riverside Did Rock!

The Rich Penn Auction Event at Riverside Casino was billed a big success. Rich Penn said, “Our buyers loved the new venue. We had a […]

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Estimated at $15,000-$20,000, this rare-colored Marklin American-prototype set reached $34,500.

Marklin Set Tops Noel Barrett’s $955,000 Spring Auction

NEW HOPE, Pa. – Whether the object of their fascination is Old Master paintings or baseball cards, collectors agree on one point: knowledge is king. […]

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This esteemed team, left to right, Chief Engineer Norman Schaut, Executive Director Gail Evans, Box Office Manager Mary Janto and Special Exhibition Coordinator JoAnne Schaut will drive Fun Fair, The Happiest Show On Earth into the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on October 9 and 10.

Fun Fair Frenzy

BY NORMAN SCHAUT Three hours before the box office opened on March 22, 1986 an anxious line stretched down the boardwalk for eight city blocks […]

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Remembering the 1989 Barenholtz Sale

Remembering the 1989 Barenholtz Sale – 3

NEW YORK – As 1988 drew to a close, and with the electrifying Perelman Museum and Hegarty sales now in their rear-view mirrors, collectors took […]

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