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The Malcolm Forbes Toy Collection at Sotheby's

The Malcolm Forbes Toy Collection at Sotheby’s

Go to Sotheby’s. Do not pass Go. But do see some of the earliest surviving Monopoly game sets, as well as the rest of the […]

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Morphy's December 11 Auction

Morphy’s December 11 Auction Preview

DENVER, PA – This year, collectors won’t have to wait until Christmas to add a great toy, train or Barbie doll to their shelf or […]

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Antique Toy World November 2010 Issue

Antique Toy World November 2010 Issue Preview

Join us for the November 2010 issue of Antique Toy World Magazine – Volume 40, Number 11. Included in this issue: Noel Barrett Presents the […]

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Atom Jet tin friction race car, Japanese, 25 1/2 inches long, all original parts intact, $15,500.

Morphy’s July Auction Tops Million-Dollar Mark

DENVER, PA – Worldwide competition for a high-end collection of antique toys resulted in a million-dollar gross at Morphy’s on July 16-17 as the central […]

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We begin this month with a 6.5-inch long tinplate toy from the 1902-04 period. This is a German Richter lithographed Trolley that is not only spectacular but exceeding rare as well.

Now Hear This: Those Smaller Toys

BY JACK HERBERT A longtime antique toy collector, for whom I recently completed a written appraisal, has concentrated his purchases on mostly mid-sized toys. Through […]

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Pedal car display by Mike Taylor

Peddles Up!

BY MIKE TAYLOR I recently restored three pedal cars and had them sitting on the floor in the living room, primarily because there was no […]

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Rare colorful cardboard die-cut Moxie advertising piece - very few known to exist.

Old Town Auctions’ Pre-Thanksgiving Sale Nov. 19-21

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Traditionally, Old Town Auctions conducts a bountiful auction of vintage toys and antique advertising during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. This […]

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Mechanical Bank Notes: Wimbledon Bank

Mechanical Bank Notes: Wimbledon Bank

BY SY SCHRECKINGER The conclusion of the American Civil War, as well as numerous armed battles raging throughout Europe, saw the advent of a growing […]

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Rare linen-mounted 28-sheet Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show poster; estimate: $15,000-$20,000.

Mosby’s Fall Auction Opens Nov. 2

FREDERICK, MD – The circus – remember the days with the old travelling big tops? Days or sometimes even weeks in advance, the posters would […]

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George Washington reviewing his troops; American War of Independence Display.

Forbes’ Wonderful Toy Soldier Displays

BY HENRY I. KURTZ PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE FORBES COLLECTION Nestled in the Forbes Building on lower Fifth Avenue in New York City, along with […]

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Tom Sage Jr., Kris Lee and Dan Morphy look over the architects' plans for their expansion project.

Dan Morphy Auctions Gallery Addition Begins

DENVER, PA – Construction crews have broken ground at Dan Morphy Auctions’ south-central Pennsylvania premises to initiate a 6-month expansion project that will nearly double […]

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Tippco’s Faux Cabriolet—their largest at 22 inches overall—is importance personified, isn’t it?

Tipp & Company

BY JACK HERBERT Germany’s fabled Tipp & Company produced some of the world’s best tinplate toys throughout the late Twenties and, especially, the full Thirties. […]

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J. & E. Stevens Calamity cast-iron mechanical bank, circa 1905, depicts Yale and Harvard football players, $78,975.

RSL’s $1.8 Million Baltimore Auction

TIMONIUM, MD—Interest was keener than ever, and the bidding action was relentless in RSL Auction’s sale of antique toys and banks held May 22nd at […]

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Promotional Adaptations by Steve Butler

Promotional Adaptations

BY STEVE BUTLER Confusing, then explaining the issue seems the best way to describe what is meant by a “promotional adaptation.” This will take a […]

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A highlight of the sale is the George Brown Monitor, to be auctioned together with the illustration from the George Brown Sketchbook.

Noel Barrett: Old Salem Toy Museum and Thomas Gray Collection

NEW HOPE, Pa. – Last May the Old Salem Toy Museum in Old Salem, N.C., closed its doors for the last time on a spectacular […]

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