Plastic Pot-Pourri

 In Steve Butler

Above: Starting in 1954 F&F Mold & Dies provided General Foods with 3.1″ plastic 1954 Ford and Mercury cars for use as premiums in their Post Grape Nuts Flakes

By Steve Butler

TOYS DO NOT HAVE to be made of metal to be interesting, collectible or of value. Steel, cast iron, tin and die cast white metal or aluminum can be repaired and repainted. For many toys very good reproduction parts are available. Not so for plastic. Repairs will often require gluing which is virtually impossible to conceal. And comparatively few plastic toys were originally painted. Very few reproduction parts are available with suitable replacements dependent upon new-old-stock parts and/or donor examples.

Pictured and listed are a cross section of plastic toys, all with wheels, each being interesting for a variety of reasons.


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Focal Point: Red Baby Dump Truck • Arcade – c. 1924Road Service Truck • Taniguchi Shoten – c. 1958