Shows — October 3, 2017 at 9:58 am

200 Years of Childhood: London International Show

Daniel Agnew and Hilary Pauley

by Daniel Agnew

I’M PROBABLY best known for my many years at Christie’s South Kensington (which sadly in July 2017 closed it’s doors forever) working along side Hugo Marsh, Olivia Bristol and many other toy and doll world people; but my love of antique and vintage toys stems back to my childhood, encouraged by my antique dealing mother.

Born in 1970, I missed the UK hey days of the industry; or I saw them, but with only pocket money to spend did not have the funds to indulge in my passion. I often tell my mother off (in a joking way) for the lack of toy money!!

I do remember sometime in the mid 1980s, going to London to one of the large antique doll and toy fairs and being amazed as there were several rooms full of dealers with some of the most wonderful items. I probably had £10 or £20 to spend and must have come away with something, but can’t remember what. I often talk to slightly older collectors or dealers and hear about the ‘good old days!’

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