Europe is Alive And Well!

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Europe is Alive and Well! by Jacky Broutin

Europe is Alive and Well! by Jacky Broutin


THE EUROPEAN TOY and doll community is resilient in spite of the recent financial problems that have plagued this old continent. The antique toy and doll auctions and shows in Europe have been very successful. Here are some of the more recent events that have taken place:

The Doll and Toy auction by Francois Theimer took place on Sept. 24th. This auction is scheduled 7 times per year at the luxurious Excelsior hotel in the heart of Paris. Francois is well-known for his number of books on antique dolls as well as for the remarkable antique doll shows he still promotes. His last auctions were on Nov. 20th in Paris and Dec. 19th in Auxerre (150 miles south of Paris).

The COLLECT-IT Show in Brussels produced by Thierry Leclerc on Oct. 2nd is one of the largest and best recognized shows, along with Toymania, that Europe has to offer. 270 exhibitors participate and fill this large hall of the exhibition center near Ring Road in Brussels.

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