Ron Sturgeon & DFW Elite Toy Museum on “American Pickers”

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HALTOM CITY, TX – Serial Entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon has been collecting automobile memorabilia and rare toys for more than four decades, so the news that he was considering selling some of his collection attracted wide interest.

When American Picker Mike Wolfe and his brother and fellow picker Rob Wolfe found out Ron had some auto memorabilia and some rare toys for sale, they stopped by DFW Elite Toy Museum to visit with him as they picked their way across Texas. The Wolfe brothers went nuts when junkyard Ron opened the doors to his jawdropping Fort Knox of high-end toys.

“Mike Wolfe and his brother Rob were super cool to hang out with,” said Sturgeon, who sold a few items from his collection to the pickers. “They both have great respect for people who collect and for the stories behind the pieces that they pick,” said Sturgeon.

The episode featuring Ron and the museum, titled Fort Knox of Toys, aired Monday, June 14, 2021, at 8 pm CST on The History Channel.

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