Soldiers, Tin Toys — May 1, 2016 at 7:00 pm

Military Motorcycles from Elastolin and Lineol

Lineol Wehrmacht motorcycle, composition and tin.
Lineol Wehrmacht motorcycle,
composition and tin.

By Henry I. Kurtz

WHO AMONG US hasn’t thrilled to the growling sound of a motorcycle at full throttle, and who hasn’t wanted to be the rider on that cycle tearing down an open highway or weaving in and out of narrow city streets. All the more exciting if the rider is a uniformed policeman or soldier.

Some nice military motorcycles from the German firms of Elastolin and Lineol, known for their fine composition soldiers, recently were sold by OTS Auctions USA. Included among them, as illustrated in the accompanying photos, were Lineol military motor bikes with German Army Wehrmacht rider, and another with a Wehrmacht rider and a second soldier carrying a slung rifle on the rear seat. The best of the prewar tin and composition examples was a World War II German Army Communications motorcycle, complete with radio and antenna and a searchlight in a sidecar and two riders. This rare item sold for $600. A postwar U. S. Army dispatch rider on a motorcycle, with saddlebags, proved to be a desirable item and went for $325.

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