Focal Point: 1956 Cadillac – Attributed to Irco • 1956

 In Steve Butler, Tin Toys

By Steve Butler

THIS CADILLAC convertible was not found in any reference source on toy vehicles. However, a two-door hardtop of the same size and design but with different operating functions was located. The design similarity to the hardtop seems sufficient to attribute the maker to have been IRCO of Japan. Although this example has some faults, the functions included seemed sufficiently unusual making the car a candidate for this narrative.

The car is battery operated via two C-cells and a switch atop the left front door. In the forward position the car goes forward. In the rearward position it goes backward. There is a center off. On the first operation the strange light on the hood worked but for the last time (probably a bulb rather that a wiring issue). A man is seated in the driver’s seat with his left arm always in an extended position and despite thereby being extremely subject to damage has succumbed to none. The man may be missing a hat.

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