Focal Point: Autogyro • Wyandotte – 1935

 In Die-Cast, Steve Butler

By Steve Butler

TWO MISUNDERSTANDINGS have prevailed concerning autogyro aircraft. First, the rotor blades atop the aircraft were not motorized. Rather, they would rotate to slow the decent of the aircraft, a preventive approach to reduce the severity of a crash primarily due to engine failure. Second, the aircraft was actually called an “AUTOGIRO” as opposed to “Autogyro.”

Tootsietoy introduced its toy version in 1934. It was a decent rendition of a Pitcairn Aircraft Company PCA-2 and became Tootsietoy’s model number 4569 Autogyro. Wyandotte took a different approach by modifying a toy already in production, a passenger plane.

Wyandotte had issued for 1935 their No. 204 Streamlined Airplane. Making that plane into their No. 208 Autogyro Plane required a few modifications.

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