Focal Point: Case of Champagne • Schoenhut – c. 1934

 In Steve Butler

By Steve Butler

MARKED ON THE sides of the 5 1/8″ wooden case is “TREEN BOX COMPANY.” On the 3 5/8″ ends are the company’s two locations in Philadelphia, PA which were on Tioga and on Memphis Streets. The telephone number (JEF.4490), also printed on the ends, with the JEFferson exchange and four digits would be valid for 1934, thus providing a possible year or era of issue for this toy. (Note that the company, which is still in operation, is now called the Treen Box and Pallet Corporation and is located in Mifflintown, PA. )

The twelve bottles in the case are made of wood and are 1 7/8″ inches tall. They are painted dark green with gold tops. They seem to represent champagne bottles despite lacking any brand identification. That lack of identification would be considered appropriate if the case with bottles was intended for promotional purposes to gain business with multiple champagne producers.

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