Focal Point: Military Toys – Tootsietoy • c. 1958

By Steve Butler

FEATURED IN the July 2019 issue of this magazine was a group of twelve Tootsietoy private label pro-totype panel trucks. This reference is made because a group of six Tootsietoys also tied with string to a card-board base recently surfaced. It appears that for about three decades Tootsietoy con-tinued to use this means for sales presentations.

The six military toys painted in gloss olive and attached to the card were never issued as a set. The obvious reason is that three of the toys are trailers and require a tow vehicle. None of the other three toys are tow vehicles. In fact, the only military tow vehicle in Tootsietoy’s (so called) 4-inch series was their Jeep which had been in their toy line for at least 10 years.


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