Focal Point: Milk Truck –Wyandotte • c. 1939

 In Pressed Steel, Steve Butler

By Steve Butler

FOR 1936 Wyandotte introduced a group of four pressed steel 6 3/8″ vehicles consisting of a bank truck, tank truck, bus and ambulance. That group was considered their “Airflow” design based primarily on the tin front trim. The ambulance was painted white, and one is illustrated herein. The Airflow group was replaced for 1938 by a group of three vehicles of similar construction and size which consisted of a bus, ambulance and tank truck. These were deemed the “cab-over-engine” design. Production of the three seems to have lasted only one year indicating that these toys might be less common that the previous four.

Wyandotte did not issue a milk truck in either group, yet one is featured herein. It has the “cab-over-engine” design and “MILK” stenciled in black atop the rear.

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