One Down, One To Go

 In Die-Cast, Steve Butler

By Steve Butler

I LEARNED IN ENGLISH classes many years ago that the use of personal pronouns such as I, mine and me are generally frowned upon in reports which probably would include magazine articles. However, personal pronouns are acceptable in stories. The same goes for opinions. Unlike over 1100 articles already published, this narrative is more like a story than an article, so I, mine and me have been used throughout as well a few opinions.

The story starts with a phone conversation in September of 2020 with a person I will refer to as John. His real name would be one many toy collectors would recognize but is not mentioned herein in the interest of his personal privacy. I have known John for many years, and he may be the nicest or certainly is one of the top three nicest persons I’ve met in 40-some years of collecting toys. Anyway, John mentions in that phone conversation that he believes I should own his Hubley #92 Fire Department Set. He thinks it over for a couple of weeks, and completes the planning for the exchange in a follow-up phone conversation.

Of course some money was involved, but John was not really trying to sell the toy set and thereby hoping to find a buyer at a price. Rather, John wanted me to own the set as opposed to someone else. He has done this with me before. In April of 1992 John brought an item specifically for me to the Carlisle auto flea market. That item was a master pattern from Tootsietoy which was used to produce their 5.3-inch Datsun 280ZX. I addressed that item in my article in the July 2006 issue of Antique Toy World.

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