Steve Butler — April 3, 2017 at 3:35 pm

Premium Plastic

By Steve Butler

THE TWO PLASTIC TOYS presented herein are definitely among the most difficult plastic toy vehicles to locate in top condition, that is mint and boxed. Even used examples with damaged or missing parts are seldom encountered.

The “private” sellers of each of the two pictured toys were seemingly aware of the scarcity because at the outset both had withdrawn the toys from the toy group each was offering for sale.

The owner of the Marx Fire truck wanted to sell six other toy fire trucks as a group. Actually “dump” would be a more appropriate term than “sell” for at least three of his offerings. The seller of the Renwal television truck was offering a large number of new-old-stock toys direct from a defunct toy distributorship. However, during the transaction he had also withdrawn the TV truck from his group.

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