Pressed Steel, Steve Butler — October 1, 2015 at 12:00 am

Ralphs Structo


By Steve Butler

WHILE PERUSING THE offerings at the October 2004 Antique Toy World (a.k.a. Chicago or Kane Co.) show I happened upon the featured Structo. The sides of the van trailer were marked “Ralphs GROCERY CO.” (no apostrophe). I’d been in a Ralphs grocery but could not immediately recall where. While pondering the matter, I called a friend in the Los Angeles area. Yep, we’d visited Ralphs on several occasions while I was visiting. He could not remember seeing this Structo Ralphs and added that colors were correct. I was sold and bought it despite the layer of dirt thereon.

This was the first “private label” Structo truck I’d ever encountered. (The definition of private label used here is a toy marked and made exclusively for distribution by a business as opposed to one issued for general retail distribution.)

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