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 In Steve Butler

By Steve Butler

IT’S MID NOVEMBER 2020. Out of sheer boredom a trip to a local flea market was made to look at stuff. Stuff abounded but no good vintage toys and a very poor place to look for same. One vendor had a glass case with lid that measured about 3″×5″. It contained a paper rose with leaves, ribbon and more. To this viewer is seemed more appropriately suitable for the display and protection of a highly regarded and/or valuable toy, probably a Tootsietoy based on the size of the glass case. So the requested $1.00 changed hands.

Best of the Best
McLeans – Selected for being housed in the aforementioned case was a Tootsietoy Dodge camelback* panel truck. It was the same truck featured in Antique Toy World in the February 2003 issue of this publication.

The truck is a private label issue for McLeans Department store in Binghamton, NY and was a Christmas store give-away for 1939 – All as determined by the information printed on its original box.

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