Scarce in Condition

 In Steve Butler

By Steve Butler

THE GREAT DEPRESSION and WWII would have a significant impact on the condition of surviving toys that would be sought by collectors decades thereafter. The cast iron and pressed steel toy vehicles of the 1920’s and 1930’s had considerable durability, and because of economic hardships and shortages would become hand-me-down toys well into the latter 1940’s. Thereby, fewer “minty” examples of such toys survived for today’s collectors.

Here are a few pressed steel survivors issued by Wyandotte that when for sale as singles retailed for 10 cents each:

No. 379 Ambulance – 1936 *
This 6 3/8-inch vehicle was issued only in white. It has “AMBULANCE” stenciled in black on the raised section on the roof. The ambulance came with wheels that were painted black.

Wyandotte also issued three other vehicles with some modifications to the ambulance dies. These were a tank truck, a bank truck (the tank truck with a coin slot), and a bus.

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