Tin “2 Footer”

 In Steve Butler, Tin Toys

By Steve Butler

IN THE WORLD of real cars the term “20 footer” has been used to describe a vehicle that looks good from a distance of twenty feet or so away. Persons approaching a vehicle so described may begin noticing problems, imperfections and the like.

The tin toy 1959 Oldsmobile presented herein could be described as a “2 footer” in that it looks better from two or more feet away.

This Oldsmobile measures 13 inches in length, was made by Ichiko in Japan and has rear-mounted friction power.

The car is a two-door hardtop and has the rocker panel trim making it a Super 88. Note that the hood ornament is an “88” trim piece which is interesting but not exactly realistic. The red on black paint scheme seems unusual and appears excellent at a 2-foot distance, but at a closer distance moderate use becomes apparent.

The three most obvious and seemingly unusual features of this Olds are the colors previously mentioned, electric headlights and the passengers (a man driver and a woman passenger) both made of composition material and seated in the front seat. Available tin toy reference books contained no mention of any 1959 Olds by Ichiko having these three features.

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