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One of the handsomest airline designs of the period –
and even now – is this Constellation Passenger Plane,
12 × 15", from Ingap, Italy.

Toy Aircraft

BY JACK HERBERT IF THESE toys airplanes today don’t look antique, it’s not because they aren’t. They’re all from the ’40s-’50s production, but in point […]

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My Toy Airplanes – 1910-1960

My Toy Airplanes – 1910-1960

TOY AIRPLANES CAN HOLD such fascination for us. The plane is a means of transportation that is just over one hundred years old, and the […]

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A typical amphibian Passenger Plane, circa
1929 – ’50. It's tinplate, made by Garai of Spain, with
a windup motor that propels all four props at once. A
handsome toy, featuring simulated wood on the hull.

Flying Boats

BY JACK HERBERT IN THE EARLY Teens and Twenties, airplanes were lightweight machines requiring comparative short takeoff and landing space. All that changed, of course, […]

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One of the earliest toy Airships was this 14 in. long tinplate model by Muller & Kadader, Germany, from 1904.

Toy Dirigibles

BY JACK HERBERT OF ALL THE MORE improbable things we humans have put into the open air to float on high, the Dirigible has to […]

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Daily Double by Steve Butler

Daily Double

BY STEVE BUTLER TO WIN the Daily Double, a person has to pick the winning horse in each of two consecutive races. “Daily Double” was […]

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U. S. Airforce Convair B-36, tinplate, six engine Bomber with jet assist, 12 × 26 (!) inches, Y, Japan, ’50s-’60s. Friction motor drives all six propellers. Three Pilots, with two rocket wing mounts. Splendid, rare toy.

The Wild Blue Yonder, Part Two

BY JACK HERBERT LAST MONTH IN THESE hallowed pages we took off with you on a trip with thirteen toy airplanes. Could you handle fourteen […]

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U.S. Air Force, McDonnell F101A, Jets, Voodoo, tinplate, swept wing, Japan, ’60s.

The Wild Blue Yonder

BY JACK HERBERT THE SECRET OF displaying your handsome collection of toy aircraft is to build your shelving as deep as possible. There will be […]

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From the GR Webster collection to be sold at Morphy’s May 11-12 auction: (left) Yonezawa B-36 tin bomber with 26-inch (66 cm.) wingspan, est. $600-$900; and underside view of Britains Short Bros. flying boat monoplane with 14.25-inch (36.2 cm.) wingspan, Bakelite and heavy tin, made 1936 only, one of the rarest and most valuable airplane toys ever made, est. $12,000-$16,000.

War hero’s toy airplane collection salutes storied era in flight history

The GR Webster collection, arguably the largest and most comprehensive assemblage of toy aircraft ever amassed, is headed for the auction block. A highly decorated […]

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Fragile Piece of History by Steve Butler

Fragile Piece of History

BY STEVE BUTLER ON MAY 22, 1927 at 10:22 p.m. Elizabeth’s wait at the airfield for the arrival of an unusual flight from the United […]

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