Television - Licensed — June 1, 2017 at 7:42 am

Chaz George, Batman Collector

EVER SINCE I COULD remember I was a huge fan of Batman. Bakeries had to painstakingly squeeze out images of the Caped Crusader on my birthday cakes, unlike today where you silkscreen any pic. Every Halloween I wore a different variation Batman costume while the remaining 364 days a year I lived in the Ben Cooper Batman Play Suit.

I started collecting Batman seriously in the ’80s before the 1989 Tim Burton film came out. I had a head start as many toys were left at relatives houses. My passion grew and grew and with the right contacts in the toy business I managed to obtain almost every piece I ever dreamed of owning. Over the years I found many variants of the piece collectors call the ‘Holy Grail’…the 1966 Batman Utility Belt.

One of the most rare items in my collection is the Prototype (White) – Color Test Shot – Set of the 1966 Ideal Bat Utility Belt.

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