Tin Toys — November 1, 2017 at 12:00 am

House on the Hill Toy Museum, Standsted Mountfichet, Essex, England

By Ingrid Floyd

ONE OF THE LARGEST TOY MUSEUMS in the world is one few American toy collectors know about is in Standsted Mountfichet, Essex, England, an hour from London: The House on the Hill Toy Museum.

Opened in 1991, it is quite charming. You must be reasonably fit or determined to reach it, as you walk up a winding pathway to get there from the gift shop. But if you do, you will delight in a several-floor house filled with winding staircases. You can feast yourself on more than 70,000 toys from around the world, spanning 12 decades.

The journey there is fun because along the way you will be greeted with wonderful English humor on green signs to entertain those with a playful spirit.

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