The History of Fernand Martin Toy Manufacturer in Paris

Part Four: The Victor Bonnet Period

By Cor van Schaijk

The Fourth Period from 1919 – 1933:

François Victor Bonnet, born November 30, 1872 – Paris 6ème. Died on November 21, 1951 – Vincennes – France. From 1896 to 1905, he held a grand bazaar, rue de la constitution in Avranches then went back to Paris. Francis Victor Bonnet took over the Martin company on March 29, 1919.

On the left-hand side of this original old leaflet from the late 1930s, the Victor Bonnet & Cie factory is mentioned from 1921 till 1937.

See under “anciens etablissements” (translated: former facilities).

The text on the leaflet also states that the factory of George Flersheim existed from 1913 till 1920, until 5 years after his death, but that isn’t correct. The reason for this false statement, made by the designer of this leaflet, may be due to the following dates: In the “Register Analytique” of the Paris Commercial Register is states that the Victor Bonnet factory official is registered under the number 92537 date: December 29, 1920, so almost 2 years after the acquisition in 1919.

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